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Let’s start something beautiful together and start Unlocking your Inner Light

Let’s start something beautiful together and start Unlocking your Inner Light

Spiritual awakening, unlocking the subconscious mind, and awakening to your true power and potential can be confusing and uncomfortable. I will be your guide on this divine journey and make sure you are on the right track to living abundantly and with no regrets.

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Dr. Zoha’s Freebies

Want to know the biggest life hack?
Journaling and keeping track of your time.
Successful people maximize their time and they are never overwhelmed

Clarity Call

To get you on the right path, we can do a complementary 15-minute call on Zoom or over the phone. This is not only to determine your goals but also to see if I’m the right person to help you. After this, I will guide you to find the right package or program for you.

60 min Theta Healing Therapy Session

In this one 60-minute session you will experience a Theta Healing Therapy session and see if it is a right fit for you.

We update our phones and computers, but many are still running on old beliefs created in childhood and wonder why they can’t obtain the desired shifts they want to see in their life.

In this session, we focus on making your
subconscious beliefs conscious. We clear, heal, and change the subconscious by reprogramming the beliefs you currently hold and convert them into beliefs that will take you to where you want to be in life.

4-Personal 60 Minute Weekly Sessions

It takes some time to change our behavior and our beliefs. Within your three to four weeks of working with me, you will feel your surroundings clear and you will become more connected with your spiritual self. These sessions focus on unlocking your subconscious mind and creating your path to your dreams in the areas of life, abundance, and love. These sessions are 60-minute individual sessions on your own personal goals and can be done by phone or video.

Unlocking Your Inner Light Master Program

In this master group program, you will have 8 weeks of 60-90 minutes of weekly virtual sessions in a group with Dr. Zoha as your teacher. The topics covered in this master program will be self-esteem, creating a new personality, understanding the subconscious mind, working on the subconscious programming, and raising self-confidence. You have full access to Dr. Zoha in these live group sessions and have the opportunity to meet likeminded people that are learning about the same information and create a new community.

Theta Healing Basic DNA Course

This is the first seminar to take you toward becoming a Certified Theta healing practitioner.

Learn to connect to the Theta brain waves and the command system for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing.

Prerequisite: None (Class includes Book and Manual)

Theta Healing Advanced DNA Course

Following the Basic DNA course, deepen your Theta healing technique as you learn how to create downloads, create feelings, refill your energy fields, heal your beliefs and create new programs for the subconscious mind.

Prerequisite: Basic DNA course completion (Class includes Book and Manual)

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We're all here for a specific purpose. We are on a path of higher levels of consciousness so that we can change our reality and make it better than ever before. As an integral co-creator in your life, your soul has come to participate in this world. Let's explore your purpose together and get you creating the way you were meant to create. Let us work together to find the key to Unlocking your inner light and get you creating the way you were meant to create your life. Contact me so that we can get started.

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