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"Dr. Zoha has helped me improve my life in more ways than I thought possible. I was resistant to therapy, healing, anything of the sort. My friend recommended her, and after I saw what a great effect this form of therapy had on her I thought what the heck, I will give it a try! BEST DECISION EVER. Theta Healing Therapy was AMAZING to say the least, and I have never felt so leveled in my life. It is hard to explain, but if you ever even had an inkling of trying something that may actually positively impact your life, and regular therapy is not your thing... you came to the right place. Thanks Dr. Z"

-Joe B.

"Dr. Z has been a huge blessing in my life! I tried regular therapy and it got me nowhere. It felt like it was a waste of time. I heard about Dr Z through a therapist friend who knew regular therapy was not working for me and swore up and down this was different. I started to research it and it felt a little Fufu to me, but thought I would give it a shot. Now, after going to over 4 sessions i TOTALLY BELIEVE IN IT! I cannot even explain how much better I felt even after MY FIRST session. I made more progress in 1 session than I did in 8 in regular therapy. Also cried like a baby (and I'm not a crier!) Now I'm going once a week and it's the highlight of my week. After a session I feel so relaxed (like how you feel after getting a deep tissue massage) And Dr.Z has given me so much clarity... she not only is good at what she does but is super nice and personable. Not to mention I love the fact that it's done over Zoom! Seriously go see her, it's the best money you can spend on yourself bc you see how much it benefits every aspect of your life. I never take the time to write reviews but this service really deserves it."

-Atena M.

"I am beyond grateful for Theta healing with Dr. Zoha. When I first heard about Theta healing, I knew in my heart it was exactly what I needed. Dr. Zoha uses Theta therapy/a healing modality which has helped me to erase negative and self limiting beliefs. Dr. Zoha teaches one how to reprogram the mind. After our first sessions I felt alive again. I felt as if a load was lifted off my shoulders. During our sessions I have experienced a strong energy that has given me spiritual and emotional bliss along with physical strength. This modality has helped me to reconnect my being, my spirit, my soul with my Creator, in essence with myself. Through Theta therapy, I have lost many fears, corrected negative whispers/self talk, and have gained the confidence I need in my daily life to be present and to enjoy each and every moment. Thank you Dr. Zoha!"

-Francesca King


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